Colourful face

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Patterns around us

Islamic Architecture and the architecture of Indian palaces has always enchanted me. The attention to detail, the patterns, the construction is spell binding. Some of the patterns below are from palaces around India.

Block print patterns on cotton or silk fabric is an old tradition. The patterns are mostly floral or animal prints.

Every festival across India means decorating the house. One form of decoration is creating a rangoli either with coloured  powdered or flowers or rice and lentils. This is mostly done at the entrance of the house to welcome the gods and the guests. A lamp is lit to light up the area. It is not a good omen to have a dark entrance especially during the festivals.

Colours from a different source — Lamp made of recycled plastic

Lamp design by Cape Town designer Heath Nash made from salvaged plastic


S.H Raza

The works of S. H. Raza has always inspired me. There is something about the way he chooses colours and blends them that moves my soul. The dept that he creates within his painting is astonishing. You can feel that the artist has poured his soul in the work. it is not merely a painting, but a mirror into his very soul.

Painting by S. H. Raza, Trishna

Trishna, meaning `thirst` or `desire`, reflects Raza`s ceaseless quest to develop his painterly vocabulary beyond mere technical expertise. In this painting, executed in a dazzling solar palette, the artist evokes the heat and passion of Indian summers remembered from his childhood. Expressing both the longing of the land to be released from the heat, and perhaps the artist`s own desire to revive the memories of his youth in India, Trishna successfully communicates an `atmosphere of experience` rather than perceives realities.

Painting by S.H. Raza, La Mer

Using a palette of blues, ranging from sparkling azure to more sober cobalt, Raza explores both the literal and the musical connotations of the sea and its waves in La Mer.
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