History of the Colour Wheel

Came across this article on the history of Colour Wheel on a blog. A very interesting read History of the Colour Wheel. It seems this might have been taken from a book written by Sarah Lowengrad. You can read this book for free on the open access/free access at Columbia University Press.


Cheerful Yellow — Cappellini Flagship store in Milan

Cappellini has a continuing theme at each of their flagship locations that are painted in one monochromatic hue – blue in Los Angeles, red in New York and purple in Paris. The renovated Milan interior is yellow, inspired by the city’s trams, taxis, saffron risotto and building façades. Found this on Frame magazines website. See the entire article here.

A colour called Terracotta

There is something about earthy shades…something very warm and welcoming. Terracotta is one of my favorite colours (apart from the dark pinks 🙂 ). Reminds me of the potters wheel with clay melting on it, the smell of earth after it rains, drinking tea from earthen cups while traveling by train in India.

This is the research centre for pharmaceutical company Lupin in Pune, India designed by Malik Architecture. Found this on dezeen.com. See the entire story here

Jodhpur, the Blue City of India

can you imagine the whole city is painted blue. And to think that blue is considered an unappetizing colour. This shade of indigo is supposedly meant to deflect heat and mosquitoes. Might have to do a little more research on this. but until then enjoy this vision of the Blue City.

Found this other image on Flickr. Absolutely gorgeous shot.


Cool comforts

Found this on http://www.freedomtree.co.in, a venture by Latika Khosla. Liking the combinations of the blues, greens and the yellows. the dark purple is the perfect add on to break the monotony. It also adds the richness to this cool collection of cushions. Perfect for that cozy corner at home.

Credits: http://www.freedomtree.co.in by Latika Khosla