S.H Raza

The works of S. H. Raza has always inspired me. There is something about the way he chooses colours and blends them that moves my soul. The dept that he creates within his painting is astonishing. You can feel that the artist has poured his soul in the work. it is not merely a painting, but a mirror into his very soul.

Painting by S. H. Raza, Trishna

via Saffronart.com
Trishna, meaning `thirst` or `desire`, reflects Raza`s ceaseless quest to develop his painterly vocabulary beyond mere technical expertise. In this painting, executed in a dazzling solar palette, the artist evokes the heat and passion of Indian summers remembered from his childhood. Expressing both the longing of the land to be released from the heat, and perhaps the artist`s own desire to revive the memories of his youth in India, Trishna successfully communicates an `atmosphere of experience` rather than perceives realities.

Painting by S.H. Raza, La Mer

via Saffronart.com
Using a palette of blues, ranging from sparkling azure to more sober cobalt, Raza explores both the literal and the musical connotations of the sea and its waves in La Mer.
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Meet Paul Corio

Paul Corio an Artist from New York and a teacher at Parsons, New York, spoke to us about his work the other day. Was truly inspired by his work and his passion for colours. He is an expert at mixing colours and finding just that perfect shade. He used to be a Jazz musician before. Though he is not performing anymore, music clearly has an influence in his work and you can see it how he plays with the rhythms of the colour shades in all his paintings. He is also greatly influenced by horse racing, which tent to be the subject of some of his paintings. Liked his attitude to use humor in naming his paintings.

What I liked most about his work is how he blends colours. I am a lover of bright colours, and it was nice to see him play with all the bright colours of the colour wheel.

One of my favourite paintings that I liked is called Misterioso (See below). So loving the transition of all these colours. And yes the title is apt for this maze like artwork.

Paul Corio, Misterioso, 2008. Acrylic on canvas, 28" x 28."