12 – My Blue-Green Narrative – a start

As I sit here surrounded by all things blue green in my wardrobe, my bangle collection and jewelry box, I can’t help but smile. I did not realize that I have collected so many gorgeous pieces over the years.

Blue green know as teal, turquoise, ultramarine in other words is a rich, cool, refreshing combination of blue with a touch of yellow. The outcome is just spectacular.

Now I wonder what attracted me to this colour? What feelings did this arouse in me when I saw them? Thinking back or rather just looking at these things again, I feel like this enchanting gypsy, adorned with all things teal and turquoise set in silver walking bear feet on the beach. The tinkling of the earrings echoing in the wind behind while the silk scarf flutters breathtakingly. It reminds me of far away lands, of exotic beaches, of nights filled with golden lamps and the silver and gold of the jewelry casting shimmering shadows.

When I was in my mid teens, I remember I had this saree (ok it really was my mum’s saree but totally claimed by me), teal chiffon with a pattern of sequences. It was my favorite saree of all. Everytime I wore it I felt like a mermaid. It made me feel tall and spectacular and gorgeous.

Maybe because of this saree over the years I have been drawn to the rich shades of all things teal and turquoise.

Being an Indian, I simply just love wearing a saree and dressing up for weddings. For weddings are pretty much the only occasion I get to wear a saree and get all dolled up. When I was going through my wardrobe for what do I owe in this shade, I realized that two my sarees are black and blue green stones or sequences, another one is a lighter shade of blue green (more blue), the other is red orange with beige, which happens to be the compliment of blue green. Lets call this serendipity, shall we?

My bangle collection has about four different shades of blue green either with silver or gold. Oh and not to forget my necklace and earring collection. I rub my hand with glee, for I have quite a few absolutely beautiful pieces. And yes, the intention is to collect even more.

This book is two fold, one about me dressing for a cousins or friends wedding…in blue-green and me as a bride with an entire blue-green theme. A blue-green bride is a bit unusal, so for me it takes some getting used to, for so far I have always envisioned myself as a maroon-red-gold bride. But I am liking this new image of blue-green with gold and silver.

So what do you think? Ready to take a journey with me on dressing up for a wedding or for my big fat blue-green Indian wedding?

(NOTE: Hi all. I need feedback on this story line. I can develop it as me or someone else getting ready for the wedding, or planning their wedding. What do you all think?


3 thoughts on “12 – My Blue-Green Narrative – a start

  1. I prefer the second one personally. That will be awesome to see you as a bride rather than the collection, and I’m also interesting in the custom of a traditional India wedding told by a local people. Or maybe you can show some of the collection in the wedding story too, will the bride wear some jewelry or bangle?

  2. HI Shu,
    oh yes, the Indian bride is all about jewelry and bangles. She is not complete without them. I am liking that concept as well, the more i think of it. thanks for your thought.

  3. I prefer the second direction personally, that would be awesome to see you as a bride rather than see the collection, and I’m also interesting in the custom of a traditional Indian wedding especially tole by a local. Or maybe you can show some collections in your wedding story too. Will the bride wear some jewelry or bangle?

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