16 — Its not the end, but a new beginning…

Describe one way you see yourself applying colour or exploring colour in your future work as a designer and how your approach to colour has developed over the past 15 weeks. Do you see colour differently.

Colour has always been a predominant part of my work. And for years I have been saying my middle name is Colour. But I had not realized that I used them without thinking much of the relationships between them. I had taken them for granted… a particular shade looked appealing to me and I used it. Never thought much of how it was made, what are the different colours in its harmony.

After taking this class and learning all about colour harmonies and ways to mix colour has open new possibilities for me. So far there were a few million colours I played with, now the palette is even bigger and boarder. Using colour hence forth will be a much concentrated effort. I can now use it in much more rational ways and create palette more enriched with this new understanding of colour relations.

Seeing the work done by other students and way they thought about colour was very insightful. It made me notice things that I never did before. Now when I am walking I see a colour and start thinking what is made of, does it have a touch of yellow? Wonder what if they would have some more blue to it? If someone could read my mind, they will have a good laugh…for a might interesting conversation is going on in my head.

The thing that I most helped me was my research about a colour theorist and when I tried to recreate the colour wheel done by Tobias Mayers. Just using three colours in various proportions created this amazing and an extensive colour palatte. This gave me so much inspiration and the possibilities that I now have with all these spectacular shades of colour.

I have now started seeing pastels and light colours as before I would never be drawn to them. Have to say they are beautiful too. I want to launch my own collection of cards and start painting again. And you got it, the paintings are going to be these rich colour fields. I can’t wait to explore what lies ahead.

Its a new beginning for me…a new journey in the mysterious and enchanting world of colours.


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