9 – Colour Awareness studies for Colour Book

My colour for the colour book is Blue Green, in other words known as turquoise, teal, aqua and all tints, shades and tones of these colours. Blue Green is abundant in nature. See the deep waters of the ocean for inspiration for this shade or the glimmering glitter of turquoise rocks. You might be anywhere in the world, shades of blue green will be all around you. It is a colour cultures across centuries have used. It is calm and soothing, it is rejuvenating. It combines the properties of blue and green and creates its own unique language. It softly whispers in your ear to relax and smile.

A room with blue green sprinkled around it is welcoming. Walls painted with this colour invites the outdoors in. It creates this dream haven you want to retreat into.

In fashion it speaks summer, romance, holiday, white wine, warm evenings with friends or be it the sunny shades of the beach. In the evening this colour sparkles and adds a coolness and poise to a person wearing it. Turquoise and teal shades of jewelry reminds me of the by gone era of princess sitting in their boudoir surrounded by silks and gold.

With Blue Green you can create balance, tranquility and calmness all around you. Love and embrace this colour. Add some red orange to jazz it up. Or make it glimmer with a touch of gold or silver.


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